Decorating for Spring Bookmark and Share

By Joyce Winter, Owner Discovery Furniture, and
Toni Farrell-Higgins, Rooms ReNew Stylist Discovery Furniture
When the snow melts and the first crocus begin to bloom, you know it's time to start decorating for spring. When you think spring, think nature, charm, and change from dark colors to bright colors and you'll be on the right track.

Adding something from nature always puts the season in perspective. Twigs of forsythia, pussy willow or bulb flowers are the perfect accent. Use your favorite pitcher or vase for the twigs; for the bulb flowers try using the whole plant, either fresh or silk in a beautiful piece of crockery or in a terra cotta pot.

Along the nature theme, bring out all of the bunnies, birds or baby animal collections you have. If your items are of the same size and shape, try elevating a few of the items with books (children's' books would work especially well). Putting Easter or spring books in a plate rack or standing them up on a tabletop in front of these collections would make a charming table scape.

Along with our collections, spring is the time for lighter, brighter colors. Shades of pink, yellow or lime green will put you in the spring frame of mind. Consider a glass bowl or beautiful platter with a spring colored candle in the middle, surrounded by pastel colored glass pebbles. Look for new accessories of pillows and table runners to liven up your rooms. Also consider trading out a darker, wintry looking rug for a brighter "spring colored" rug. With all of these changes, walking into your "new" room will be like a breath of fresh spring air!