Find Your Style

Welcome to the "Find Your Style" Quiz
1. You go to an arts festival with friends. What kind of treasures do you come home with?
  • A still life oil painting of fruit and flowers.
  • A watercolor landscape scene.
  • A set of sophisticated black and white photographs.
  • A funky collage made from found objects.
2. You have the opportunity to choose a new set of dishes. You choose...
  • Off-white bone china with a simple platinum band around the edge.
  • Colorful fiesta ware.
  • An elegant and timeless pattern with gold ornaments and a stylized filigree.
  • An antique rose pattern, similar to the one you remember at your grandmother's house.
3. You are going to a holiday party at your favorite friend's house. You choose to wear...
  • A cute holiday-themed sweater and jeans
  • Your elegant new holiday dress.
  • Comfortable but stylish clothes in bright, festive colors.
  • A sweater and tailored blazer with a broach on the lapel.
4. You need new lighting for your dining room. The fixture you choose is...
  • One of those funky new cut-paper shades.
  • A modern, brushed nickel and alabaster shade, two-tier chandelier.
  • An antiqued brass fixture with hurricanes or individual shades.
  • A chandler with candle flame bulbs, covered with delicate crystals.
5. It's movie night at your house and you choose a classic. You're watching...
  • The latest movie version of a Jane Austen novel.
  • The Austin Powers trilogy.
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey.
  • When Harry Met Sally.
6. You need a comfortable place to curl up with a good book. You sit on...
  • A leather wing back by the fireplace.
  • An overstuffed chair with your feet on the matching ottoman.
  • Your chrome and leather Barcelona chair.
  • A fun little swivel chair covered in a colorful fabric.
7. Your perfect garden retreat contains...
  • Roses, iris, and tidily trimmed hedges.
  • Lavender, chamomile and an assortment of herbs.
  • A Zen rock garden with a Japanese maple and a simple water feature.
  • Native plants, wildflowers and ornamental grasses combined with more traditional favorites.
8. For your perfect weekend away you...
  • Go to a cozy bed and breakfast in the country where you can prowl the antique shops for treasures.
  • Head to the city where the museum is holding a retrospective of the Hudson River School of 19th century landscape painters.
  • Go to a cultural festival where you can sample the foods of different countries and watch performances of indigenous dance, music and dramas.
  • Head to New York for a jazz concert at Lincoln Center.
9. Your favorite piece of jewelry is...
  • The sliver and lapis necklace you bought at the arts festival last summer.
  • The charm bracelet handed down to you by your grandmother.
  • Your diamond pendant.
  • Your Movado watch.
10. Which leisure activity is the most appealing to you?
  • Book club that focuses on the classics.
  • Dinner and wine tasting club that tries out a new cuisine each month.
  • A jewelry making class.
  • A scrap booking club.
11. You're recovering your favorite chair. The covering you choose is...
  • An elegant, jewel-toned damask.
  • A soft antique floral print.
  • Spice-colored stripes.
  • A taupe ultra suede.